MATLAB vs. Python

Commercial Open Source
New functions via MATLAB Toolkits
(no package manager)
Installation of new modules with
package manager (conda or pip)
Mainly procedual programming
(Objects exists but are a hassle)
Object oriented
Mathematical Programming Language Gernaeral Purpose Language with
many mathematical modules
No Namespaces for Core-Functions Proper Namespaces (e.g. plt.plot instead of plot)
GUI included Various GUIs available.
We recommend Pycharm
Download: Mathworks Download: Anaconda

Common Libraries

  • Numpy (Vector and Matrix operations, Numeric computing)
  • Matplotlib (Plotting)
  • Pandas (Table operations)
  • Scikit-Learn (Machine Learning)
  • Tensorflow / PyTorch (Neural Networks)
  • SymPy (Symbolic computations)
  • Seaborn (Advanced Plotting)


import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

U_0 = 3  # V
u_peak = 2  # V
f_0 = 50  # 1/s

# Timevector in s (Sequence of numbers)
t = np.arange(start=0, stop=0.04, step=0.001)
u = U_0 + u_peak * np.sin(2 * np.pi * f_0 * t)
plt.plot(t, u, 'o--')
plt.xlabel('Zeit $t$ / s')
plt.ylabel('Spannung $u(t)$ / V')